Boston Ujima Project Resident & Worker Care Fund

This form is for donating to the Ujima Boston Resident and Worker Care Fund online.

To donate to this fund offline, you may send a check to: Center for Economic Democracy, 434 Massachusetts Avenue, Suite 201, Boston, MA 02118. Write "Ujima Care Fund" in the memo.

Thank you for helping Boston Ujima Project build a better economy!

Donation Information

*Monies from this fund will go to Ujima's Voting Members, Workers of Ujima's Founding and current Business Alliance members, and Workers of businesses on Ujima's Businesses We Love list.

Ujima will use its democratic process to allocate a portion of these monies to other local direct assistance funds.*

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Ujima Giving Program

Ujima will relaunch its Giving Program in April 2020 to support members' and supporters' growth as community builders and investors. Please check the box if you are interested in participating in this program.

We appreciate your support.

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